10 Best High Chairs For Sale 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

It might seem that unlike adults, kids do not require luxuries for their everyday life, and it is easier to deal with their simple needs. However, in reality, they demand more attention and care when it comes to their basic needs. Since they are incapable of performing their tasks by themselves, it is important to ensure they are surrounded with all the essential tools required for their daily activities. Baby high chairs by the use of 2017 are one such significant need.
Comfortable baby high chairs are mandatory for young growing kids. Particularly, while feeding them food, it is necessary to keep them calm and comfortable. Most parents want their kids to start eating by themselves as soon as possible. However, it is not very simple to teach kids eating etiquette when they are always super energetic to try something new. This is when parents need a baby high chair.
High chairs are a unique and kids-specific item for young toddlers. As they are available in different sizes and designs, they can be used for babies of different age groups – starting from one year’s old and onward. These flexible chairs allow babies to sit without any support, which means that parents are no more required to be all over their kids. Instead, kids can sit, eat, or play on their own.
Different companies have launched several baby high chair products that are quite helpful for eating and sitting purposes.
So here we bring you an extensive list of baby high chair products that will fit all your needs. All these are ideal for toddlers, especially those of working parents who can’t look after their babies all the times. Since everyone has different requirements and budget constraints, we have brought you ten different baby high chair options to select from. Choose the one you find most compatible with yours and your kids’ needs.

Best High Chairs Comparison

High ChairsMaterial TypeRatingPriceBuy Now
Trio 3 in 1 high chairCotton4.7 out of 5 stars$99.99
Luv U Zoo EZ clean high chairpolyester4.5 out of 5 stars$84.55
Fisher Price Space Saver High ChairPolyester5 out of 5 stars$47.45
Disney boosters chairPlastic4.3 out of 5 stars $22.97
Ciao Baby Portable high ChairBPA Free4.3 out of 5 stars$64.90
Deluxe Diner Reclining Feeding SeatPolyester4.3 out of 5 stars$47.20
Graco Soufflé high chaircotton and polyester4.4 out of 5 stars$140.75
KidKraft Tiffany Bow Lil' Doll High Chairwood 4.6 out of 5 stars$29.60
Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set, NaturalPlastic4.6 out of 5 stars$69.00
Heaven’s Bliss Portable High chaircotton4.9 out of 5 stars$18.72

10 Best High Chairs Review

1- Trio 3 in 1 High Chair


5 out of 5 stars



Trio 3 in 1 is an all-encompassing seating solution for your baby. This convertible baby chair can be easily transformed into three different chairs. The first chair is the full-size high chair – ideal for babies’ meal times. The four-wheel chair consists of a rear-wheel lock, which makes the chair safe for the baby. The food tray attached to the high chair is yet another amazing feature of the trio 3 in 1. The food tray is not only dishwasher safe but can also easily be detached from the full-size high chair using just one hand. The tray has four adjustment points so that you can fix the tray as per your baby’s need.

Moreover, this high chair can be easily converted to a booster seat. The lightweight booster chair can be effortlessly carried around. Furthermore, the booster seat has enough space for two children, making it very convenient for siblings. Trio 3-in-1 can also be turned into a toddler chair. This chair is also suitable for two babies and is very comfortable as it’s made from soft cotton cushions. The toddler chair is ideal for baby’s playtime as it keeps the baby in a very comfy and relaxing position. The trio 3-in-1 is a must for all the parents, who are looking for a reliable seating solution for their babies.


  • Convertible to 3 different chairs.
  • Detachable and adjustable tray.
  • The seat is made from soft cotton making it very comfortable for the baby.
  • Comes with 3 different recline positions.
  • A 5-point harness for keeping the baby.
  • Lightweight and spacious for 2 babies.


  • The height of the Trio 3 in 1 is not adjustable.
  • Like most of the baby high chairs, it cannot be strapped to the dining table.
  • It is available in only 2 colors, gray and deluxe piper.

2 – Fisher Price Total Clean Baby High Chair

This is the perfect choice for all the messy babies, who spill and throw food everywhere. The total clean high chair makes cleaning after the meal quick and easy. The dirty food tray can be detached and is dishwasher safe, which saves a lot of time and effort to clean the trays.  The restraint straps take less time in cleaning as stains can effortlessly be wiped off using a wet cloth. Along with easy cleaning, this high chair also comes with some incredible features that include removable toddler booster to carry the baby around. It comes with a spacious container that can be used to keep baby wipes or other related products. Also, the chair is designed to provide full support and correct postures for your babies, which makes it worth buying.


  • It’s very easy to clean this high chair.
  • It comes in attractive colours and patterns.
  • The price is very reasonable for a chair with such great features.
  • Comes with storage containers to store different baby items.
  • Suitable for all babies of all age groups.
  • Removable tray makes cleaning easy.
  • The design provides great support and comfort to the baby.
  • Can be easily attached to dining tables.


  • The high chair takes a lot of space as it cannot be folded.
  • It’s only convertible to a toddler booster.
  • The seat does not have several reclining positions.

3 – Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Luminosity

If you are looking for a high chair that can squeeze into your small house then this space saver high chair is all you need to buy right now. The small high chair has highly specialized features of a full-size baby high chair. It comes with 5 points to 3 points restraints that can be fixed to any chair. These restraints straps keep baby protected and safe from falling. Along with all the safety measures, this incredibly efficient baby high chair comes with a FastFinder link that can be used to hang bibs, towels, toys, etc. which means now no more scattered toys and dirty towels on the floor.

Furthermore, the small size of the chair does not comprise on its comfort as the soft polyester makes the seat really comfortable and supportive for the baby. The Fisher-Price high chair can be adjusted to various positions as per the comfort of the baby. The Space Saver high chair has been rated as one of the best and most functional high chairs for people with congested and small houses. All these incredible features make this high chair a must buy!


  • A compact baby high chair designed especially for small houses.
  • Works just like a full-size high chair
  • Strong restraints straps for baby’s safety.
  • Can be fixed to any chair or furniture.
  • Comes with a FastFinder for hanging baby items.
  • Made up of soft polyester for baby’s comfort and support.
  • The seat can be adjusted to a variety of positions.
  • A light weighted high chair that can be carried around easily.
  • Available in interesting colours and patterns.


  • The tray is not detachable, which makes cleaning the tray difficult.
  • It’s only suitable for young babies as it does not have enough space for older children.

4 – The First Years Disney Booster Seat

When it comes to buying products for your little ones, what’s better than getting some colourful cartoon character items? This amazing Disney Booster is the perfect chair for your babies. It comes in attractive colours and designs that make it really attractive for your children. Not only the colour but the design is also very functional. The light weighted booster chair can be attached to any chair or furniture, which makes it really convenient for outdoor purposes.

Disney Booster Seat baby high chair is not only attractive but comes with some amazing features like the adjustable and a detachable tray that comes with a cup holder to avoid any spills. Also, the tray is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning effortless. The booster seat comes with three-point restraint straps that ensure full safety of your child. The Disney Booster Seat will help you to end your search for the perfect seat for your little ones. The durable and lightweight chair can make mealtime much fun and interesting.


  • Available in a variety of colours and cartoon character designs.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Portable and can be carried around easily.
  • Comes with 3-point restraint straps for child’s safety.
  • Can be attached to any chair or furniture.
  • The tray is adjustable and detachable.
  • The tray is also dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning effortless.
  • The seat is very affordable and ideal for your baby.


  • The seat is made of plastic which can be a little uncomfortable for the baby.
  • It’s not flexible enough to adjust the position of the baby.
  • The height cannot be altered with different furniture.
  • The seat is very hard and rigid.

5 – Deluxe Diner Reclining Feeding Seat


4.3 stars



The struggle to find the perfect feeding baby high chair that can work as a recliner too is a real struggle. But with Deluxe Diner baby high chair, you can put your search to an end. It’s the ideal chair for feeding and spending some quality time with your toddlers. The incredibly light weighted feeding seat makes travelling and outdoor activities super fun. This fully functional seat easily attaches to most of your furniture and comes with five-point restraint straps that ensure the complete safety of the child.

Another unique feature of this feeding and reclining baby high chair is that it grows with your child from birth to four years. This makes it really durable and cost effective as you do not have to buy a new seat every year. The seat comes with a large tray and cup holder that prevents spilling. This is an all in one seating solution for your child as the seat is flexible enough and adjusts to various positions, making it really comfortable for the baby. The soft cotton material also makes the reclining and feeding seat supportive and relaxing for the child. This is the ultimate seating solution for your little one.


  • A two in one solution: a feeding seat and recliner.
  • Weighs only 5.5 pounds.
  • Portable and easy to carry around.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Very flexible and adjusts to various reclining positions.
  • Supportive seat and structure.


  • Available in only one colour and design.
  • The height is not adjustable.
  • The tray is not detachable.

6 – Ciao Baby Portable High Chair

The next in the list of best baby high chairs for sale in 2017 is Ciao Baby Portable High Chair. If you are looking for a chair that is not just suitable for your kids’ indoor activities but also for their outdoor fun, this chair is all that you are looking for. Available in different designs and colours, the Ciao baby high chair can easily be adjusted depending on your outdoor location. Also, it is a very lightweight chair to carry around. Unlike many other baby high chairs, it only weighs 8 pounds, which is why it’s super portable. It doesn’t even require any further assembly after unwrapping, which makes it more convenient to use.

This chair can be used for kids between the age group of 3 months to 3 years. Along with supreme design, its price also falls under an affordable category.


  • Portable baby high chair
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • No further assembly required
  • Lightweight, just 8 pounds – easy to carry around
  • Carry bag included
  • Available in 9 different colours
  • Up to 3 years


  • The height is not adjustable.
  • The tray is not detachable, which might make cleaning difficult.
  • It does not have wheels which can create a problem.

7 – Graco DuoDiner LX Baby High Chair


4.4 stars


Cotton and Polyester

Graco Soufflé is a China made baby high chair that weighs 24.6 pounds approximately. These chairs are very beneficial for daily use. It can easily be folded into two steps and can stand alone after every use. These are three-in-one baby high chairs. This means that unlike other chairs, they are not just restricted to a specific age of your child, but can be adjusted to be used over a long time.

This baby high chair comes with a detachable food tray, which you can remove with one hand without applying any strong force. The tray is also dishwasher safe, therefore can easily be cleaned after every use. Also, the seat is cotton and polyester made which is why it provides your baby comfortable support. Elegant colours of seat pads are also ideal to match with your dining room furniture.


Graco Duo Diner LX, in Tangerine, is a 3 in 1 convertible high chair that changes with the changing needs of your child.

  • Highly reliable structure made up of Polyester, Plastic, Metal
  • Imported quality material used
  • soft strap covers help keep baby comfortable
  • Stage 1: Infant highchair reclines to provide a comfortable space for baby
  • Stage 2: Fully featured toddler booster high chair for your little diner
  • Stage 3: Easily converts to booster when your child is ready
  • Additional infant head and body support


  • It’s not flexible enough to adjust the position of the baby.
  • The height cannot be altered with different furniture.
  • It weighs more than any other baby high chair which makes it difficult to carry around.
  • It is quite expensive as compared to other chairs available in the market.

8 – KidKraft Tiffany Bow Lil’ Doll High Chair

KidKraft Tiffany Bow Lil’ Doll High Chair is next in the list of best baby high chairs for sale 2017. It is a wooden high chair that is considered one of the most favourite baby high chair of parents. It weighs only 5.8 pounds, which is why you can easily carry it around. This means that it is not just suitable for your little princess’ indoor activities but also for her outdoor work. Also, the solid wood material of the chair is easy to clean and easy to stand. The safety harness is also present to hold your baby strongly. It is available in a walnut colour finish which simply looks stunning.


  • Aesthetic design especially for little girls.
  • The food tray can be lifted which makes it convenient for cleaning
  • Pink and white rattle bar
  • Comfortable seat cushion to support your baby
  • Adorable bow designs
  • Light weighted which makes it portable


  • Food tray cannot be fully detached
  • This baby high chair does not have wheels which might cause a bit difficulty in moving around
  • It does not have a wide range of colours
  • The height is not adjustable.
  • It’s not flexible enough to adjust the position of the baby.

9 – Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set, Natural

With high ratings, Stokke Tripp Trapp high chairs are available in baby sets. Babies that fall within the age group of 6 months and above can use this baby high chair for different activities, especially for their meal time. Stokke Tripp Trapp is a US-made product. It is made up of plastic material (Recyclable). Also, this baby high chair has safety straps to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety. Through these straps, the chair can easily be attached to furniture. It is available in different designs, which goes with your furniture and are eye-catchy too.


  • It can directly be attached to the Tripp Trapp chair
  • The Tripp Trapp’s Scandinavian ergonomic design is unisex and can be used for all children regardless of their gender.
  • Includes a seating rail and a hi-back to keep baby safe and supported
  • It is made of environmentally friendly plastic material that is recyclable and safe for children
  • This baby high chair grows with your child and.
  • The Baby Set can support your child for even longer


  • The chair is not portable
  • The tray of the chair is not dishwasher safe.
  • Since it is made of plastic, it might be a bit uncomfortable for your kids.

10 – Graco Sous Chef Highchair, Davis


4.5 stars


Cotton and polyester

The last in the list of the best high chairs 2017 is Graco Sous Chef High Chair. It is an ideal baby seating solution for indoor as well as outdoor activities. Unlike many stagnant chairs, it grows with your baby and easily fits their changing needs. It has five different modes that are suitable for kids from different age groups.

If you are a housewife and are usually busy with your kitchen chores, Graco Sous is one of the few chairs that gives you the option to have your baby in the kitchen. Its elevated highchair creates a specific spot via which the baby can join you in the kitchen. Moreover, since it has wheels, you can also use it for outdoor sessions. You don’t need to lift it to carry it around.


  • Creates an elevated yet fully safe newborn space for baby to join you in the kitchen from day one
  • Because of its changing five modes, it grows with your child. Also, it can be used for kids from different age groups – newborn to “grown-up kid”
  • Mode One: Raised newborn seat creates a specific spot for baby to join you in the kitchen
  • Mode Two: Detachable rocker has soothing two-speed vibration, with an elegant toy bar for your baby’s toys and other stuff.
  • Mode Three: Infant feeding recline to feed your baby properly in his earliest years.
  • Easy to carry around because of wheels.
  • The food tray wipes clean.
  • The size of the chair can be adjusted to 7 different heights.


  • Since it is a fully loaded baby high chair with several features, it is quite expensive.
  • It might require some assembly prior to use.

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